Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Three generations, bubbles and blankets

I'm back! Yes, I survived my whale shark experience (which I have to add was amazing! The largest fish in the ocean, they definitely earn their title of being the gentle giants of the sea. So graceful!), so I am now fully back into the throws of things back at the studio. Debbie and I both have got a busy week ahead so much so that our paths are barely just crossing!

So today in the studio we were really fortunate to have a family of 3 generations - Nanna, Mum and the 2 children. It's always so special to be able to capture grandparents with their grandkids. Plus we were doubly fortunate as this was the second visit for little Takarli who was 6 months old when Debbie photographed her - so not so little anymore! Here are just a couple of sneak peaks from their session. Nanna brought along a lovely blanket she had knitted, and we tried out our new super duper bubble gun!

Check back tomorrow for some more sneak peaks :) Sarah

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