Saturday, 17 October 2009

Lisa & Mitchell - Beach Wedding

Lauren & Alexander

I'm still catching up on my baby photos. I posted a quick one of Lauren a while back with the bubbles. Here's a couple more or her and her baby brother who was clearly bored with proceedings and happy to let his big sister steal the limelight.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Juliet Louise & Lorelei Rose (and their big sister)

Blog Neglect

Let me explain. It all started back in July when I had this crazy idea to go to University. Off I sent my late application, only to end up on a roller coaster that hasn't quite slowed down yet. So now I'm a Uni student. Add to that finding out about six weeks after the event that I had actually broken my elbow when I fell off my bike, throw in a quick trip to Melbourne, all sorts of other ups and downs, and becoming slightly hooked on facebook and that's just a few reasons for my blog neglect. So, here are a few gorgeous babies from the last couple of months. I'll have more weddings for you as soon as I catch up and I promise to try and keep things up to date a bit more!



Jareth (gotta love a pic with such character. It was mum's favourite!)


Micah & Giacomo.








And Alison

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Katherine & Paul

Tamborine Gardens was the venue for Katherine & Paul's wedding and it was so nice to get amongst some greenery for a change. Or, in this case, it was more red leaves than green! Rain clouds loomed threateningly at the crucial moment so the ceremony was moved from the garden into the gorgeous little chapel (how awesome to have such a great wet weather back up). The rain didn't hang around though and we were able to get back outside amongst the gardens for some great shots before heading back to the reception room on the same grounds.

[Congratulations Katherine & Paul and good luck in Darwin!]