Monday, 21 May 2012

Wild Honey Photography - puppies, families, babies, burst pipes and lots of love.

The poor ol' blog gets a bit neglected, but the Facebook page is getting lots of love. Pop over there to see all the latest going's on. Wild Honey Facebook Page and don't forget to 'like' us while you're there.
But here's a bit of an update if you've missed it. 
Sarah is in the UK for 6 weeks and we're all waiting for photos of her 2-year-old identical triplet nephews. But they just don't stay in the one spot long enough to get a photo! So my daughter Rebekah and I decided to use the word 'triplet' as round one of a Mother vs Daughter challenge. 
Here's the photo I submitted. You can see the results of the challenge on Facebook. 

When it rains it pours. Or maybe all the water in this case is from a burst pipe. Our admin and office guru, Tracey, who keeps things ticking over with a thousand and one tasks behind the scenes at Wild Honey and who is now also showing you your photos while Sarah is away, has been a little scarce this week. Already a busy lady with 6 kids, she brings those same organisational skills to work with her. But last week, just a few hours after welcoming her eldest son back from America with his new lady, a pipe burst and flooded their house and they've ALL had to evacuate. 
Here's a photo we took of some of her extended brood last year.
Come back soon Trace, even if it's just to escape the madness! We miss you.

The lovely Helga is in the studio a couple of days a week photographing bundles of cuteness that come our way from Suzel at Impressionable Kids. I went shopping last week and bought some new fabric and lace to use in the photos. We don't like to get too gimmicky with our photos as we aim for them to be timeless and classic and focus on your baby, not the props. But the lovely antique looking lace should fit in just nicely for the girls. And it doesn't hurt to add a bit of colour now and then and I'll share the photos of our cute model we had to try out the new soft spotty fabric for the boys real soon.

In between all that, I am back and forth between Melbourne and Caloundra. I landed back in Melbourne yesterday and after the beautiful, warm, sunny weather on the Coast, it's just a wee bit chilly down here. I'm teaching, studying and working on a project I'll be exhibiting later this year. Here's a link to that project and one of the images. same same beloved 

So that's a quick update on us. What's been happening in your world?

Cheerio for now,

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Aww gosh...

I just had to share this little fella. So cute in his suit that was worn 21 years ago by his Uncle.
He wears it well, don't you think?