Wednesday, 27 February 2008


As if it's not enough of a shock to realise it's nearly March already, my baby girl just wandered in to the office (she's off work sick with Glandular Fever!) and nonchalently said, "Do you think for my 18th birthday . . ," I looked at her and blinked and thought, 18? I said it again in my head, 18. How could my baby be turning 18? (OK, so it's not 'til July, but still...) She'll be able to vote and to drink and get a passport without her parents signature and, and, she'll be an adult. My baby's nearly grown up. I think I'm in shock.

Friday, 15 February 2008

More bubs

Surrounded by beautiful bubs. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. ;-)
First up we have Armani.

Hannah & Evelyn

Siena (Below)

Abigail - "No, I'm not ready"

"Well, alright. Is my hair OK?"

"How's this for a smile?"

"I'm really workin' it now!"

Zephyr (below) with Mum & Dad

Zali (below)

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Check out these babes!

I'm loving all the babies I get to photograph. And I love all the new names. In this group from top to bottom we have Kobi (x3) , Keirra (x2), Zephyr(a baby girl with the most hair I've ever seen!), Cooper and Jaslie.
If you're thinking of getting a hand and feet sculpture for your babe, check out Suzel at Impressionable Kids. You get a complimentary photo sitting and photo for your frame from me!
Here is a sample shot of a finished product. You can have silver or gold sculptures. You choose the frame and the mat colour and you get to choose your own photo too. I'll try and post some more sample shots soon.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Matt & Sarah

OK. I grabbed a few shots that stood out to me as I skimmed the folder of images. There are so many more I could add. Hmmm, maybe tomorrow.
These are a combination of Bekky's and mine.

It was a great day and so much fun. Everyone was so good to work with. It was like a family reunion for me. I've photographed the weddings of two of the groomsmen and the Groom's two sisters! And to complicate that story, one of the groomsmen married one of the sisters. Anyway. this makes three of the 4 Porter siblings wedding's I've photographed. Everyone assures me it will be a while before the youngest takes the plunge.
I smiled when I saw the Pastor's name on the wedding certificate. My son's name is Joseph Daniel and the Pastor's name is Daniel Joseph. I love quirky things like that.
The locations we had for photos were awesome. As if the big ol' figs outside the Church at Montville, the old red phone box and a visit to the lolly shop weren't enough, Bekky spotted this great barn with patchwork colours and corrugated iron, on the way to the Dam.

Congratulations Matt & Sarah. You guys look so happy and relaxed together. We managed to get a great combination of romantic, fun, relaxed, happy, quirky, funny and lovin' shots, because that's what you guys are.
Thanks for letting us share your day and capture your memories.
Debbie & Bekky