Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Three generations, bubbles and blankets

I'm back! Yes, I survived my whale shark experience (which I have to add was amazing! The largest fish in the ocean, they definitely earn their title of being the gentle giants of the sea. So graceful!), so I am now fully back into the throws of things back at the studio. Debbie and I both have got a busy week ahead so much so that our paths are barely just crossing!

So today in the studio we were really fortunate to have a family of 3 generations - Nanna, Mum and the 2 children. It's always so special to be able to capture grandparents with their grandkids. Plus we were doubly fortunate as this was the second visit for little Takarli who was 6 months old when Debbie photographed her - so not so little anymore! Here are just a couple of sneak peaks from their session. Nanna brought along a lovely blanket she had knitted, and we tried out our new super duper bubble gun!

Check back tomorrow for some more sneak peaks :) Sarah

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Autumn Baby

I'm sitting on a balcony in Boreen Point, listening to the crickets and the gentle drops of the rain falling. A full day of events to photograph tomorrow at Floating Land at Lake Cootharaba, Cooroy Boardwalk and an official opening at Cooroy Butter Factory. 

I haven't heard from Sarah so I'm hoping she hasn't been eaten by a shark in W.A! All going well, she'll be back on deck on Monday.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peak of Jacob. A little charmer, for sure. 
And after an age, I've found some autumn leaves to use for my baby boys and Jacob was the first to try them out. The girls have had frangipani's available for ages so it's nice to have an alternative for boys. For some reason, nobody wanted their baby boys photographed with pretty pink and white flowers?!
Maybe the gorgeous autumn colours will prove more popular?

Friday, 27 May 2011

What's on this week on the Sunshine Coast

Floating Land! And that's where you'll find me for the next 10 days. Capturing all the action, art and events at the different venues. 

It all kicked off today (Fri 27 May 2011)
Various artists were installing their pieces today at the Coolum Boardwalk with more to come in the next few days. The official opening will be on Tuesday 4pm @ Pt Perry. 

Elizabeth Poole's Warning Bells

Life Line by Richard Newport

Wendy McGrath's Red Shoes

And still to come at Coolum is Jan Dunlop and Corrie Wright, both of whom will be installing over the next few days.

And at Boreen Point and Lake Cootharaba, there's a non-stop week of workshops, exhibitions, displays and performances happening. Here's Lyndon Davies with Gubbi Gubbi Dance performing at the official launch of Floating Land 2011.

To find out more about what's going on or what it's all about click on the link to Floating Land or go to the Facebook page.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Magazine Cover

If you see the Sunshine Coast Council's groovy new magazine 'Cultivate' laying around grab a copy and admire the amazing cover photo. Ok, ok. admire the magazine, not just the cover photo, which I obviously took seeing as I'm bragging about it. Sarah and I both have a smattering of photos throughout the mag. It's got stacks of info about what's happening around the coast especially in the galleries, libraries, museums, and venues as well as open air events. And it's FREE!


3 of each.

The plan is to choose three favourites from each sitting we have permission to show. Of course, like life, plans don't always pan out the way we hope and we've missed a few weeks again. Sarah is off in Western Australia swimming with sharks (Whale Sharks- apparently it's been on her 'wish list' for a long time) and I've been in awe of the amazing autumn colours in Melbourne, while the blog and facebook page lay neglected. But here are a couple or recent ones. It's pretty tough limiting choices to only three but I've managed it, somehow!

First off... sassy siblings!

 This sweetheart had a whole modeling portfolio of images for me to choose from but I love the expression on her face in this one.

Then sweet Charlotte.