Sunday, 24 June 2007


More info coming soon on these incredibly talented women! (As soon as I speak to Louise and get my facts straight!)

Caloundra Regional Art Gallery

So much has been happening in the last few weeks it's hard to keep track of everything. These photos are from the latest exhibition at the Art Gallery. It's showing until 8 July so if you get a chance, pop in and see it. It's something out of the ordinary and I had a lot of fun photographing it.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Robyn & Andrew - Part 3

(Note: If you want to follow Robyn and Andrew's wedding from the start you need to scroll down to Part 1 and work your way back up)

The light streaming in the room at the Golf Club was beautiful. I love French doors and windows (as long as I don't have to clean them!).

I love all the little personal touches. The table names were all coffee related and the bonbonniere were little coffee cups. I'm sure they have a special name but I'm not a coffee aficionado so I don't know. I'm trying to remember if it's because Rob and Andy met in a coffee shop or if it's where they spent a coniderable amount of their courtship. Either way, it was significant to them.

I pity the poor guy who caught the garter as he ended up on the bottom of this pile up.

We stopped at Kangaroo Point cliffs to finish off the day as this is where Andy proposed.
A bus full of Japanese tourists pulled up a minute after we did and I'm sure they thought Robyn and Andy were part of the tourist attraction put on for their benefit.

Robyn & Andrew Part 2

It's after midnight and I can't sleep. So, I've forced myself to narrow down a few more of my choices of what to share of Rob & Andy's day. Without doubt, this has been the most difficult time I've ever had choosing favourites. There are just too many! What a terrible problem to have.
So here are some more from Newstead House. That place is just amazing. We could have spent hours there and still had more to photograph. Inside, outside and nearby - endless options.
But time waits for no man (or photographer) and we had to head over to the Golf Course at Yerongpilly. I'm not sure on the spelling and at this time of night (it's actually morning!) I'm not going to check. If it's wrong, please leave a comment.
Tomorrow I'll choose a couple from the reception and then that will have to do!

Goodnight (morning). I'm going to bed!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Robyn & Andrew - Part 1a

I've been so focussed on getting the album put together that I only have one more image ready for web. Taken at Newstead House, where the ceremony was.