Friday, 16 April 2010

More beautiful Bubs

I'm still catching up from before Christmas!
Here's Ruby among the frangipani's

Michael the archangel

Martin the magnificent

Lahela with amazing lashes

Koko the cutie


The wild one (or at least the wild hair do!)

I have two big brothers too.


and Ella

Thursday, 15 April 2010


I had no idea I was so far behind in blogging my babies. It's gonna take me ages to catch up!
So lets get started.

Here's Cooper









and Joshua. With lots more to come soon.

Last Days!

Rush on down to the Caloundra Art Gallery this weekend to see my fabulous exhibition before it closes! (open 10 - 4 Sat & Sun) It all gets pulled down and packed away on Monday so don't miss out.

You can see I had a splendid time at the opening.
Twirling with relief, adrenalin, excitement, gratitude, love from family and friends and maybe a little bit of red wine.

In the meantime, I've been busy photographing weddings and lots of babies and generally trying to catch up on things. I've had to defer Uni studies as life just got a tad too busy there for a while.

My (19-year-old) baby girl has now moved to Melbourne and my Mum has also had a life change and moved house so its all been happening. I have full intentions of resuming regular blogging from now on, and also weaning myself off facebook! Sounds a bit like a late new years resolution so we'll see how well I stick to it!

Cheerio for now