Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Family Portraits

Tanya, Chris, Caelan & Sammy (the dog) had their portraits taken in the family home outside of Toowoomba just before they moved for work reasons. I can't wait to show them how great their photos look. I photographed Chris and Tanya's wedding on Nth Stradbroke Island a few years ago. It was a memorable occasion with a jumping castle, fairy floss and fairy wings for everyone (even me!).
Photographing Caelan brought back memories of my boy when he was that age. It was 17 years ago but seems like yesterday. Caelan has the same body bursting laugh that I remember Joey having (and still has that winning smile). I even have photos of Joey with similar expressions. It was quite uncanny.

I haven't worked any photoshop magic on these yet, not even any cropping, so they are pretty much straight out of camera (just RAW processing in Capture One, for those that care about such things).


Monday, 9 April 2007

Portraits on the Beach

I mentioned my run of portraits with boys and here is Tomoko, Hikaru and Kai at Kings Beach.
I find it so hard to choose favourites as there are so many I love! The ones I choose tonight are likely to be different to the faves I might choose tomorrow. Of course, tonights pick is influenced by a couple of glasses of red on an empty stomach. Somehow I missed dinner. That's what happens when there's no kids in the house to keep me to schedule!
Bekky is away camping for the Easter weekend and Joey was here last night and went home at lunch time today after breaking the stereo and generally creating havoc with Rupert. It was great to have him here but it was equally as great to be able to take him back to his place so I could get some more work done.

I love the range of emotions exhibited by Kai in these photos. Imagine how much more precious these photos will be in years to come as he grows into a young man.