Friday, 27 July 2007

07/07/07 Wedding

Bree & Damien's wedding was a blast! Great people, great location, great light and masquerade masks to top it off.

It's always hard to choose just one favourite, especially with so many nice ones in the late afternoon light, but this one does it for me this time. I'd love to see this one printed wall poster size. It might be a bit busy for some but I love all the different elements.

Damien glancing out the window, getting just a little bit worried that Bree was late.

I hope Damien likes the symmetry of this shot. (Hey guys, do I get 5 points for mentioning symmetry(in joke. ya had to be there))

Bree was so happy and relaxed, even before the champers! The only sign of a nervous bride was her quick march up the aisle.

Gotta love that sunlight.

Playing with shadows.

Love the colour of the girls dresses.

The light was just dreamy.

A natural arch.

I love the solid framing from the tree while Bree and Damien share a tender moment. Oh, and the colours are yummy.

I gotta say this is a first. Masquerade masks at the reception. It was a lot of fun.