Monday, 31 March 2008

Bekky & Damascus

Can you tell I've been busy with babies lately? It inspired me to photograph my own baby. Isn't she beautiful!


This little fella is the sleepiest baby I've photographed. It didn't matter what we did with him he just settled straight back to sleep, even perched on Dad's arm like a Koala didn't phase him.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Introducing Damascus!

The newest addition to our family. Bekky has adopted him and I get to kitten-sit through the day while she is at work.

Rupert was given a new toy to help ease the transition of no longer being the baby in the family. He is now the big brother and after some initial confusion and a bit of sulking he is now coping admirably and is keen to play with his little brother. Damascus, however, is not so keen.


and big brother Josh

Monday, 3 March 2008

A sneak peak

I had a lovely morning with Yvette and Jack a couple of weeks ago. I love photographing people in their homes, the shots seem so much more meaningful. I think Jack on his tippy-toes reaching for the Arrowroot bikkies is just adorable. This is just a small smattering of my faves.
This is Yvette's 6th and last child and the first time she has had maternity pics done. Last week she came to the studio for the 'after' photos with sweet baby James. Now we have to catch up with the other 4 kids to photograph them. Oh, and the hardest to pin down will be Dad. He's a bit camera shy!