Saturday, 21 August 2010

Sarah - All in a days work

Back to blogging. Finally!And so much to catch up on. Here's Sarah (Wild Honey's new photographer!) tackling the vagaries of every day photography work. First up, no she's not pregnant! We were doing a couple of test shots for a later maternity shoot and she thought it best to get into the swing of things as the stand in.
Then tackling the great outdoors. She braved the threat of deadly spiders and snakes in the bush (remember she's a Pommie!) to get the best shot.
She did well until I pointed out the spider she was just about to walk into.

Later that same afternoon for a portrait shoot, she didn't let the spiders stop her getting the best angle for the shot. And she survived to finish the shoot. I'll follow up with some favourites from the days shooting soon.

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