Thursday, 12 April 2012

Maroochy Botanic Gardens

Have you been to the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens in Tanawha yet? If you haven't then you're really missing out on a special place. It's huge. It's beautiful. It's interesting. It's peaceful. If you want to find out how to get there and opening hours etc, click here.

Wild Honey Photography were recently commissioned to photograph the sculptures in the gardens so Sarah set out one morning to discover what was there. Here's just a snippet of the art trail, where even the water drains are pieces of art! 

I've photographed weddings, events, engagements, art installations and family portraits there over the years. Sometimes I even go when I'm not getting paid ;-)

It's a beaut place for a walk on your own or a picnic with the kids or maybe even a business meeting! Did I mention how peaceful and beautiful it is?
Do yourself a favour and check it out. It's quite magical. 

PS. If you want to see the photos bigger just click on one and it should open up in a nice gallery you can scroll through.

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