Thursday, 23 September 2010

Spring Goodness

I took a 10 minute break today and wandered around the garden to see what Spring had sprung. I even broke out the real camera instead of the iPhone so I could share some flowery goodness. In various nooks and corners I discovered new inhabitants in my garden, a santa clad gnome in the back garden, a duck peaking through some shrubbery, a naked lady basking in the front garden, a Dachshund lurking in the succulents (oh wait, the Dachsy is the only one living!). These ornaments arrived earlier this year along with my mother, Lyndell, who I realise I have not introduced as the other new face of Wild Honey Photography. She fills in the gaps between Sarah and I by answering phones, running errands and being here when orders are collected and generally keeping the place looking spic and span. So our little hive is buzzing with activity, inside the studio and out.
Speaking of flowers and family, if you want to see a flower a day from Toowoomba's lovely gardens, check out my brother's blog .

PS. At least three of the flower photos below were photographed last week on the iPhone. Can you guess which ones?


  1. I want the gnome. I like the callistemon photo the best.

  2. The gnome comes with its owner. Got room for both?

  3. Ill take the photographer thanks ... she looks good on my lounge

  4. And that lounge looks mighty fine to me. lol. Be back soon.