Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Introducing ...

After a topsy turvy roller coaster ride for the first half of 2010, things are now starting to buzz along smoothly at Wild Honey Photography. I'm excited to announce a new Honey Bee, Sarah Jane Smith, has joined me in the hive and is helping to spread the sweetness around. Sarah is a graphic designer and photographer and her bright smile and cheery voice (you'll recognise her by the pommie accent) are like a fresh spring blossom bursting with pollen. Ok, enough of the Honey and Bee references, but you get the picture. It's great having her as part of the team.
Over the coming months we will be working together to make some exciting changes and introduce a fresh new range of products. Here we are, photographed on the latest Polaroid instant camera, at the biggest photography tradeshow around. We came away with our heads spinning with new ideas.

We'll be back soon to show you what else we've been working on. And the very next post will be to share some highlights of Amanda and Warren's wedding.
(there should be a photo here but blogger is being difficult and it won't let me post it. I'll try again later)


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