Thursday, 19 March 2009


In between an ongoing series of technical issues that required creative management and a few delays in completing jobs, I managed to escape to Adelaide for a week (OK, it was bad timing but the tickets had been booked ages ago!) to visit my friend Sally and see her nearly 9 month old Granddaughter, Tillea, for the first time. Sally and I have been friends since our boys were in Kindy together and they turn 21 this year!

It was bloody cold down there!

Being in a different State is so refreshing to the eyes and the soul. I didn't take my camera out at all for the first few days and simply drank in the scenery. The hay bales caught my eye and on the second to last day Sally and I ventured out at dawn to play in the fields.

I have a memory of Pomegranates from my childhood and when we walked past a whole tree of them in a front yard in a quaint little town somewhere in the Fleurieu Peninsular, I just had to take some back to Sally's place to photograph. They weren't quite like I remembered from my childhood, but I guess things never really are.

Just love these pretty things growing wild all over the place. They're probably weeds but they look good!

They have great jetties and lots of them. I'm so jealous!

Because Sally was a somewhat reluctant model and I'd used up all my favours in the hay paddocks, I didn't dare ask her to pose for a photo under the Jetty, so I gave her my camera and I modelled to help even the score. Here I am in my new op-shop, made-in-Spain skirt and $4.00 top. Vinnies had a half price sale so I stocked up big time. I thought I looked like a toned down version of Frida Kahlo (Mexico/Spain Close enough, right?), but upon my return I was informed by my friend Steven that I looked more like I was auditioning for The Sound of Music.

I couldn't help myself, and convinced her to let me get just a couple of shots under the Jetty. She looks very agreeable in this shot but you should see the look she gave in the next shot!

Tillea and I hit it off straight away and we had lots of fun and cuddles. Phoebe is a great Mum and I have some photos of her and Jeff and Tilly to share soon

I also got to go to WOM Adelaide and saw Neil Finn and Cat Empire and a few others. I did some research and some reading for a project I'm working on and the week was over all too soon.

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  1. Love the photo of my girls - Phoebe & Tilly the B&W looks great.
    Love Ya
    Sally :) OX