Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Grandad's 90th Birthday

Not my Grandad, but Grandad of the four siblings below! The family gathered together at the Coolum Bowls Club for the celebrations and a few group photos. Then the Fab 4 met up at Pt Perry with their families for a few more shots.

I turned up on the day and looked around for the birthday boy and couldn't find anyone that looked old enough. Eventually I discovered this dapper looking bloke below who claims to be 90-years-old.

A big cheer from all the family.

Trying to pin this two-year-old down for a family photo proved a challenge. He wasn't slowing down for any bribe. He was go, go, go the whole time and didn't stay on dad's shoulders for long either.

The couple below look like movie stars, don't you think? Incredibly good-looking but the young Tom Cruise look-a-like was a bit camera shy.

The little fellow in this shot had done his partying for the day and fell asleep on the short trip from the Bowls Club to the Point. He did his best to look alert and happy but I think he really just wanted to curl up and go back to sleep.

Seeing the big kids skipping along the path above and piggy-backing below with peals of laughter ringing out, makes me think they must have had a lot of fun growing up together!

I'm guessing that growing up with 3 sisters makes this eligible bachelor keen to stay single for as long as possible. Or maybe having 3 adoring sisters makes it hard to find someone who measures up?

(It was a fun afternoon folks and it was lovely to meet you all and capture some of your family fun.)

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  1. Fantastic phtos, thanks Deb! It was a fun family to grow up in, and it just keeps getting more fun as it continues to expand! Can't wait to show Grandad! Love the one of us four 'kids'! Caitlin